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TAPP for Latinas: Curriculum Resource Guide. A complete primer explaining how to build a teatro HIV and AIDS prevention education program for Latinos, the guide also offers detailed guidance on meeting planning, outreach, and public relations to make your prevention education efforts hard-hitting and effective. A play script and video with director notes are available as companion pieces.

Latinas: Partners for Health Partnership Directory. An easy-to-use reference for Latina leaders everywhere. The directory offers contact information for colleagues with successful HIV and AIDS prevention approaches, outreach strategies, and resource training. Note: We are currently updating the directory with expanded health professional listings.

Latinas: Partners for Health, HIV/AIDS Partnership Plan. Action items and policy recommendations developed by community leaders and experts across the country. The plan has been used successfully bring together networks of Latinas in the public and private sectors and at the local, regional, and national levels to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS.

HIV/AIDS Media Action Guide for Community Leaders. Developed with support from the CDC and the American Red Cross, this action guide details health communications, media planning, and promotional strategies. A complete public relations and media curriculum, the Media Action Guide offers local groups valuable instruction on building public support for HIV/AIDS education targeting Latino communities.

HIV/AIDS Regional Meetings Planning Guide. A comprehensive primer on planning a regional meeting. The guide includes a logistics timeline, checklists, sample budget and agenda, recommended committees, and suggested roles and responsibilities of participating members.

HIV/AIDS Public Service Announcements (PSAs). Edward Olmos, SaFire, Elizabeth Peña, Willie Colón, and the school cast from the movie Stand and Deliver star in PSAs that combine popular music and hard-hitting HIV and AIDS prevention messages. Adult and general audience PSAs include testimonials from HIV-positive individuals. A soap-opera video targets adults. In English and Spanish.

Mobilizing Latino/a Youth: A Primer for Community Health Leadership. A user-friendly guide to assist site coordinators in planning AHORA! Project activities. The guide offers detailed descriptions of how to create effective public education plans and collaborations between local Latino leaders, business, and government. It also provides a directory of key contacts and technical resources.

Youth Action Kit: Mobilizing Latino/a Youth. The companion to the Primer for Community Health Leadership, the kit was created by youth for youth to help them organize and stage youth leadership activities at AHORA! Project sites. The kit includes sections on strategic planning, leadership skills, and effective youth and adult partnerships. The kit also provides a directory of technical resources and key contacts.

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